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Project 02.Pune

Date. March 2020

Artist. Eric Classico

Location. Pune, India

Description. The court at Wadia College in Pune, India, was our first international project. In collaboration with Hoops Outside, and with the help of a number of local students, we carried out the intervention over a period of 19 days. Our main challenge upon arrival to the city was identifying a court to renovate, because there are no public spaces dedicated to sport.

We identified the Wadia College court as a good alternative because although it is inside the University, it is open to all members of the community. This also meant that we had to present and negotiate the project with the University rather than the local authority.

We inaugurated the court with a 5x5 tournament open to people from outside the Univiersity. There was a great turn out at the event, with male and female teams from different schools and colleges in the community coming together for the day.

+100 Participants    420m2    19 days painting

Localización Pune

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