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Arte participativo para pintar la cancha de Pune

We are a small team, but our dedication and experience allows us to have a significant impact on every project we do.


Core Values



We defend a general good practice, which is understood as corporate and communicative transparency and respect towards the communities in which we work as well as towards our partners.



Our work ethos, both on an internal level as well as in relation to our partners.



Our projects are designed to make a significant impact that will have a long-term transformative effect on the communities in which we work.

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The Project

At Jump The Line (JTL) we believe that one of the most important problems in today's society is the deterioration of the social tissue, especially in the most disadvantaged communities. 

The population of the cities has been increasing since the industrial revolution and will continue to grow in the future. However, the agglomeration of people, combined with limited resources, is increasing the gap between those who have and those who don't. Those who don't have are being left behind, excluded, denied access to resources that those who do have can afford.

That is why we have founded Jump The Line. To create spaces where those who do not have can be included. Spaces that belong to them and where the community can thrive

With this aim we regenerate urban sports spaces using collaborative art as a tool for community participation. We work together with public and private entities, local artists and the people of the neighborhood to identify the space, transform it and maintain it in the long term. The final result is a completely renovated space, which generates a feeling of belonging and identification in the community, and which is also connected through the JTL network to the other spaces we transform.

Trabajamos en equipo para pintar la cancha de Pune

Take part!

Jump The Line es una asocación sin ánimo de lucro. Esto quiere decir que todos los beneficios que generamos de nuestras intervenciones se re-invierten en el proyecto para seguir desarrollándolo. 

Para financiar las intervenciones buscamos la colaboración público-privada, con agentes locales en la medida de los posible. 

En cuanto al mantenimiento del proyecto y nuestro día día, de momento dependemos de las donaciones individuales de nuestros miembros. Si quieres hacer una aportación a Jump The Line, puedes visitar nuestra página de "colabora" en la que detallamos nuestros gastos, las diferentes formas de aportar y el uso que le damos a los ingresos.

Gracias a vuestra ayuda, podemos seguir regenerando espacios a través del arte participativo.

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Meet the team!

The socio-cultural sports association Jump The Line is dounded by Ane Cabello, Cristina Gómez and Marina González.
Although each one has a defined role according to their skills, the key to Jump The Line's success lies in the collaboration and teamwork between the three of them.

Favorite sportsperson: Silvia Dominguez

Favorite artist: Zhiyong Jing


Favorite sportsperson: Alba Torrens

Favorite artist: Miquel Barceló

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