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We work with a local artist on each project to ensure that the designs represent the community in an authentic way.

At Jump The Line we understand urban art as a tool to promote social integration. It is the vehicle we use to invite community participation in the whole process of intervention, from inspiring the design to the actual process of painting.


The role of the artist is to create 2 designs inspired by the community, which we submit to a public vote. The winning design is the one we implement. Once the final design is determined, the artist makes the transfer to the ground and supervises the painting process along with the Jump The Line team.

Here you can find all the artists we have worked with, as well as links to their social networks to get to know them better. 

Are you an artist and would you like to collaborate with us on a project?

Fill in the form and we will keep you up to date with our activities.

Also, if we do a project in your city, we will contact you first to see if you can (and want to) participate. 

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Artist registry

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